Story 4
Full speed into tomorrow
From the keel up: designing and integrating cyber resilience

Most people think of warships as floating steel fortresses. In reality, today’s—and tomorrow’s—vessels are floating, connected digital systems. Link them together in a fleet or task force and they become a seaborne network of systems.

In the same way that hackers can bring the internet to a halt, steal data from corporate systems and even damage physical systems by taking control of the onboard logic controllers of hardware, cyberattacks are a menace for such modern and digital warships. It is now possible for a terrorist cell or state to impair the functioning of a warship component, misappropriate information, take control of the vessel, its data system, its weapons system or one of the multiple control-monitoring controllers used both for power-supply management or ship command.

Cyberattacks have become the fourth war space, along with land, sea and air attacks, where the ship and crew have to combat. In its role as naval system designer and integrator, DCNS takes a “keel up” approach to naval cybersecurity, designing and building warships that integrate layers of cyber defenses and counter measures to create true cyber resilience.